Comanche 400 (PA-24-400) 1964-1965

Comanche 400 For many, the Comanche 400 is the ultimate power, speed, range, and style dominator of the entire Comanche line. Sales of Comanche 400s hit a total of 148 airplanes. It's a macho machine with a 400 hp, eight-cylinder Lycoming IO-720 under the cowl, a three-blade propeller, and enough fuel capacity to let it fly at 185 knots for 1,000 nm with IFR reserves (this represents a cruise condition with the optional 130-gallon fuel system, 75-percent power, and a cruise altitude of 8,000 feet). At 55-percent power and 15,000 feet, ranges of up to 1,200 nm with reserves are possible. Standard fuel capacity is still a hefty 100 gallons. However, the 400's eight cylinders demand higher fuel capacities; fuel burns run between 16 (55-percent power) and 23 (75-percent power) gph. With an empty weight of 2,110 pounds, a gross weight of 3,600 pounds, and useful loads in the area of 1,490 pounds, Comanche 400s are definitely the heavyweights of the Comanche singles. Full-fuel payloads are a respectable 710 pounds with the 130-gallon fuel system; 890 pounds with the 100-gallon standard tanks. New, average-equipped 400s sold for about $36,890.